With the help of Custom Poetry, you can

- give a gift like no other

- present an unforgettable wedding toast

- offer a sterling tribute at a retirement party


Darrel Walters, poet, invites you to let him
make a special occasion shine for you.
The message behind the poetry will be entirely yours. 
Just tell Custom Poetry . . .

what you
want to express:
details and sentiments

key incidents
and characteristics of the recipient
that you'd like woven into
the poem

 the  tone 
you want: humor, love,


 the style
you prefer:
free verse

"Within 5 days I'll send a draft of your custom-made poem to you by e-mail (US mail if you prefer).
I'll accept your comments by return e-mail (or US mail), andif the first draft is not to your liking
I'll redraft the poem until you are absolutely satisfied."

                                                                                                              - Darrel Walters, Poet

To see how Custom Poetry can transform your thoughts into verse,
and to acquaint yourself with the quality of the product,
look at the
samples on this website.

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