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Occasion: Specialized Birthday Card Verse


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We need a verse for a birthday card we're going to make for our mother, who will turn 97 this year.  She's slowed down a lot, and in fact can barely walk across the room on her own anymore.  She's kind of depressed about not being able to get around and do much (she's been energetic and productive all her life until recently).  We need something to help Mother think about what she has to live for.  She still has a good mind, and she has a close family around her, but more and more she's dwelling on the negative.  Can you help us pick her up a bit?


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Long time has passed since last I felt
     like running to and fro.
From seat to feet I pull myself,
     and dodder where I go.

But gradually I've learned,
      the keys
to life aren't fast or slow.
Life's keys are loving whom you love,
     and knowing what you know.

© 1997, Darrel Walters

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