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Occasion: Birth of a Child


Information On Which the Sonnet is Based

There are births, and then there are births.  Friends of ours tried six times through in vitro fertilization to have a baby.  The stress and the agony they went through was painful to watch, but they had strong faith and lots of support from all of us at our church.  They now have given birth to a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby girl named Charlotte.  At Charlotte 's baptism we'd like to present them with a sonnet that commemorates their enormous effort and persistence, their strong faith in God, and their triumph.  Also, please try to work their names (Earl and Heather Lee) and Charlotte 's name into the sonnet to make it special and personal.
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The Sonnet , written in response to the information above.

            Heaven's Shining Pearl  

Men and women, since all time began,
In love have brought forth progeny abundant-
Progeny who grow to woman and man
To keep the cycle beautifully redundant.
But all, with ease, do not so procreate
When God's own variations intercede,
Forcing efforts grand to go create
A child of God this world will sorely need.
So it was with Heather Lee and Earl :
Persistently they prayed through struggles hard-fought,
And by their love gave heav'n a shining pearl-

A lovely new creation they named Charlotte .        
       May God's blessings shower them from above        
       With lifelong health-with joy and peace and love.

             © 2002, Darrel Walters


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