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Occasion: Bridesmaid Gift


Information On Which the Sonnet is Based

I want to give something unique to my bridesmaids, and I thought a good idea might be to present each of them with a matted, framed sonnet that tells about our relationship to each other.  Here's the information I'd like you to use for each one.  Let's use their names as titles for the sonnets.


Sara, my college roommate and track teammate, became one of my dearest friends.  She's a tall, beautiful girl (a high jumper).  Sara came to college with a lot of self-confidence, and she helped me relax and adjust to college life.  

Sara has some weaknesses you can kid her about: she never picked up her clothes, and she always ran late.  But we became very close, and still are.  After four years of living together, just as I was about to leave town, she introduced me to one of her friends I hadn't met-a guy named Chris.  As it turns out, he's the one I'm marrying.  How can you thank someone enough for that?  Some other things you might just mention (she'll know the meaning) are geology class and a karate chop.


     The information      shown at left was      provided by the      purchaser of the      sonnet. You'll submit      a similar block of      information on your
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The Sonnet , written in response to the information above.



In truth, dear friends, this wedding would not be
But for my friend so beautiful and tall,
Who introduced her good friend Chris to me
After I had thought we'd done it all.
Inseparable as roommates those four years,
Karate chop, geology, and track;
She who helped me quell my college fears
Looms indispensable now that I look back.
Even though she lived waist-deep in clothes
And functioned on a clock that ran behind,
Anyone who knows us surely knows
That she and I are in each other's mind.
       Many friends share in one's joy and strife.
       A few, like she, are in our hearts for life.

                                                 © 2001, Darrel Walters

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