Rhymed Couplets

Occasion: Birthday

Information On Which the Poem is Based

My friend Ed is about to turn 60.  I know how that feels.  I did it last year.  Eight of us will be getting together to celebrate: Ed and his wife Elaine, my wife Edna and I, and our other good friends, Fanny and Cecil Meriwether and Aretha and Joe Anderson.

Ed's been making remarks about how he'd just as soon forget about having birthdays at this point, something I think all of us have said at one time or another.  I'd like to have a little fun ribbing him about growing older, and remind him that I know how it feels (I'm older than he is). Try to work in some of the names of the people in the poem if you can.


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Here come the wrinkles, and on go the pounds;
Eyes see less clearly, and ears miss some sounds.
But still, every year, they remind you it's so-
Cecil and Fanny, Aretha and Joe.

"Your birthday" they call it, with smiles of good cheer,
As if you'd be happy to lose one more year!
Even Elaine has jumped into the fray;
As your wife, she thinks she is making your day.

But listen, dear friend, don't think you're alone.
I feel your pain and emit the same groan.
Birthdays roll by just as quick as can be,
But take solace - there's no way you'll ever catch me.

                                                                          ©2003, Darrel Walters


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