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Occasion: Going Away to College


Information On Which the Free Verse is Based

Our son is going away to college, and I think we worry about the same thing most parents worry about: is he well enough grounded to resist harmful temptations that will come his way?  We don't want to lecture him about sticking to his values.  We thought maybe there was some kind of wise thought or poem that we could frame for him to put on his wall, but we haven't found anything we like.  Could you write a poem that reminds him of all the negative forces that will be tugging at him, and how important it is for him to lean on the roots of his upbringing to help him make good decisions?  The style doesn't matter to us. Whatever you think works will be fine.


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Free Verse , written in response to the information above.


As the pear-shaped pine tree's upturned tips,
frail of stem and weighted heavily
with long, abundant needles,
wave and undulate madly, unpredictably,       
in the eyes of whipping currents-
eddies of directionless wind-
while at the ground, unmoved and staunch,
roots hold firm the whole
whose parts the breezes batter,  
so we, on whom the world flails daily,
whose parts are pushed and pulled          
against our wills, must plant ourselves
with roots that cling to values and to principles
that anchor fast and hold us firm.

© 1996, Darrel Walters


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