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Copyright Notice: The copy of the poem you purchase will be original, and will be yours to use as you see fit except for publication. The author will hold the copyright to all material, and in rare instances may at a later time publish generic pieces-pieces not containing names of the poems' purchasers or recipients.

The samples on this website are meant to give you confidence in the quality of the product
and help you feel safe about paying in full at the time you order your poem.  
Most customers are competely satisfied; if you are not, I will revise your poem until you are.  
If you have a question prior to ordering, please contact me by phone or email.  I will answer your question promptly.

In almost all cases, the cost can be predicted exactly by using the following guide.

Sonnet: $125    .    Limerick or Four-liner: $50    .    Anything Else: $100 *

* Exceptions are special orders, such as long (more than 16 lines) narrative poems.
Those need to be arranged by e-mail or phone.

To order, please contact me by phone or email. I accept check or money order made payable to Revisionary, Inc. P.O. Box 1057, Ft. Washington, PA 19034.

Your poem will be sent to you within five business days of your payment's arrival.

(If you need a rush order, call me at 215-872-6406; I'll see what I can do.)

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