Links to Poetry Samples

Each sample poem is shown with the information on which it is based.
You'll send that type of information to me.
I'll work from it to produce your custom-made poem.

Wedding Anniversary
- Language of Shakespeare

Bridesmaid Gift
- Contemporary Language

Birth of a Child
- Contemporary Language

Rhymed Couplets

Rhymed Alternate Lines
Birthday Card

Limerick and Four-Liner

Free Verse
Advice on Going Away to College
Short Speech
Wedding Toast

Copyright Notice: The copy of the poem you purchase will be original, and will be yours to use as you see fit except for publication. The author will hold the copyright to all material, and in rare instances may at a later time publish generic pieces-pieces not containing names of the poems' purchasers or recipients.

Recommendations for Presentation of Poetry

You might read the poem aloud to its recipient and present a matted, framed copy.  Note the cross-section of fonts applied to sample poems on this website.  The purpose is to help you visualize some possibilities.  

Most customers want to receive their copy by e-mail, then manage for themselves the details of physical presentation-font type and size, type of paper and mat, color and style of frame.  If you prefer, Custom Poetry will mat and frame the poem for you.  Just e-mail, mail, or phone a request to that effect: we will work out the details.

In small print at the bottom of each piece will be the author's name and the year of copyright.  A copy bearing the author's signature will follow by U.S. mail, or can be sent overnight.

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