Sonnet in the Language of Shakespeare

Occasion: Wedding Anniversary



Information On Which the Sonnet is Based

I'd like a Shakespearean sonnet for my wife for our wedding anniversary, something I can mat and frame and hang in our bedroom. We've been married thirty-two years.  We had three children close together in age, who seem to have grown up and left all at once, almost instantaneously.  Suddenly it's just us in the house.

We've had our share of problems and sorrows while raising the family, as I guess everyone has.  But overall, our life has been happy.  It's been a joy, and I'd like the sonnet to tell her that.  I want her to know that I look forward now to having all those fond memories to share as we grow old together.  I also want to tell her I have no regrets.  If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change anything.



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The Sonnet , written in response to the information above.


Married, lo, these more-than-thirty years
To thee, who art what only thou can be,
Lived, have I, the sweetness and the tears
That issue forth from moiling family .
Adults from children all too quickly sprang .
My vision blurred; my mind as much did cloud,
But joy abided always-joy that rang
To save me from the disconsolate crowd .
Gone-and yet those years shall be again,
As mirrors which tomorrow's visions beam : Reflectors focused on a future lane
Where two as one shall cross nostalgia's stream .                If from my past God granted leave to flee,        Decline, I would, and live once more with thee .

                                                        © 1998, Darrel Walters


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