Four-Liner and Limerick

Occasion: Retirement

Information On Which the Four-Liner is Based

We're having a retirement party for my friend Madeline, and on the card we're giving her I want to say something about the good times we've had here at work-especially on our lunch hours.  I know she'll enjoy retirement, but she's going to miss those fun lunch hours we've had, for sure.  I just need something short, either a four-liner or a limerick.



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The Four-Liner , written in response to the information above.


She'll soon tell all her workmates good-bye,
But retirement-we have a hunch-
Will lack one fine perk that she gets here at work:
Just watch her-she'll come back for lunch.

                                                 © 2003, Darrel Walters


Information On Which the Limerick is Based

Every day, Charlie complains about working at this foundry.  He says he can't wait for retirement to come at the end of next month.  He's going to "play golf every day it doesn't rain."  I've golfed with Charlie.  He loses more golf balls than anyone else I know, and his golfing partners always kid him about it.  Can you find a way for me to stick it to him about that in a retirement poem (maybe a limerick)?







The Limerick , written in response to the information above.


He'll play golf every day there is sun
When his days at the foundry are done.
But I've seen this man play,
And there's only one way:
He'll have to buy balls by the ton.

                                     © 2003, Darrel Walters


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